So, I’m now retired, and very happy to finally have time to work on renovations to the house and garden, maintenance of cars and other machinery, get fit again, and to relearn the skills for some of my neglected hobbies such as woodturning and photography.

I’m also still happy to use my electronics knowledge to help friends and ex-colleagues where I can, but not as a business venture or ‘job’. I want to be retired, after all. If you are reading this page it’s probably because I have helped you with something, and given you the link. If you feel that my help was worthwhile for you, I invite you to use the button below to donate to my retirement fund! Whether you decide to contribute, and what amount, is entirely up to you. I’m not going to be charging anyone anything for the help I offer.


Or, if you don’t want to give PayPal 2.6% of your donation, you can bank transfer directly to:

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Adrian Ball